Bus Timetable Consultation

Proposed Changes from November 2010

Stagecoach is currently (September 2010) consulting the public on changes to bus services in our area. The Stagecoach website page with details about this is at http://www.stagecoachbus.com/Inverness%20timetable%20review.aspx

The proposed timetable is available to download here and is also reproduced at the bottom of this page.

If you have any comments on the proposed changes outlined below please contact us.

The changes are:

Route 27

5 additional services in the morning and early afternoon will be added in each direction from Monday to Friday:

  • From Inverness to Strathpeffer they will run at 15 minutes past the hour and 45 minutes past the hour.
  • From Strathpeffer to Inverness they will run at 18 and 45 minutes past the hour at Kinellan (21 and and 48 minutes past the hour from the Square).
  • There will be minor time changes at other times on a Monday to Friday.

7 additional services will be added in each direction on Saturdays.

Route 28A

  • The 28A which currently runs to and from Strathpeffer from Inverness on a Sunday will be replaced by the number 27 on those days.

These improvements to the bus service to and from Strathpeffer are very welcome.

Evening Buses from Inverness

However, we believe that the last bus from Inverness to Strathpeffer is too early. Under the draft changes it will still leave Inverness at 17.45 arriving at Strathpeffer Square at 1830 and Kinellan Drive at 18.33. This means that anyone who is in Inverness for the evening, is working late, or tourists staying in Strathpeffer can only get as far as Dingwall by bus during the evening and then need to get an expensive taxi. We therefore propose to petition Stagecoach to consider running a later bus, perhaps the 19.45 service from Inverness through to Strathpeffer and Contin.

If there is a problem with getting buses back to Inverness by a particular time we are sure that an imaginative solution could be found, perhapsd by routing the bus back from Contin along the A835 (outwith our area).

Consultation Response to Stagecoach

From: Strathpeffer Community Council [mailto:planning@strathcouncil.org.uk]
Sent: 12 September 2010 21:42
To: 'moc.subhcaocegats|seiriuqne.dnalhgih#moc.subhcaocegats|seiriuqne.dnalhgih'
Cc: Secretary Strathpeffer Community Council
Subject: Timetable Consultation: Route 27
Importance: High

For the attention of Alisdair Goodall

Dear Mr Goodall,

Route 27

On behalf of Strathpeffer Community Council I would like to say how much we welcome the proposed significant increase to the daytime Number 27 service to and from Strathpeffer. Thank you for making this proposal.

Having discussed the timetable at the last Community Council meeting on 6 September, we do, however, consider that the last bus to Strathpeffer each day is far too early. It leaves Inverness at 17.45, leaves Dingwall at 18.15 and arrives at Strathpeffer Square at 18.30. This means that anyone visiting Inverness for the evening for the cinema, theatre or restaurants, who are working late, or have children attending events in Dingwall in the early evening are left with no alternative but to use expensive taxis or prevail upon parents to use their cars in order to get back to the village. This is inconvenient and not environmentally friendly.

We would urge you to consider extending the route of evening buses from Inverness to Dingwall as far as Strathpeffer and Contin. For example re-numbering and extending the Number 25 19.45, 20.45 and 21.45 services from Inverness that currently terminate at Dingwall Tulloch would provide a greatly needed evening service through to Strathpeffer.

If Stagecoach considers that such an evening service is not needed, we would like to know how this view has been reached and what consultation or survey has taken place to come to this decision. We strongly believe that an evening service will be welcomed by the community and visitors and we hope that Stagecoach will give this due consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Elliott
On behalf of Strathpeffer Community Council

Bus Timetables at Bus Stops

The timetables at the bus stops in the village are, yet again, out of date ones and still show the timetable than ran from September 2009 to June 2010. We propose to alert Stagecoach (again!) about this.

Proposed Timetable Route 27





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